Meet Big Rob the Raspberry Pi powered robot!

If you were thinking about building a robot the main part is the brain and you might also be thinking that this is going to be the most expensive part of the build, yet here we are looking at Big Rob a robot car that is able to move around on its own without anyone controlling it and it is powered by the small and cheap Raspberry Pi 2 version B, which can set you back around £30 to £40, which is not a lot to pay for robot brain by anyone’s standards. The video shows Big Rob roaming around outside, but of course, you equally switch to controlling it for yourself, which is much more fun.

The Big Rob robot is not yet finished. I have to work on the look of the robot. But the electronic components are already installed in the robot. The brain of the robot is a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The Raspberry Pi is connected to a RasPiGNSS module to receive the raw GPS data stream. To control the robot via WIFI the Raspberry Pi is connected via a RJ45 cable to a Linksys router which is built into the body of the robot. The robot could navigate autonomously and could be manually controlled via a web interface with a live video stream to show the operator what the robot sees.

Big Rob is a grand name for robot that is fairly small in size, but this is something that you can build for yourself and the designer Ingmar Stapel has prepared a book to help you achieve this goal, it only costs around $15, so as you can see, building a robot does not have to cost a fortune it just pays to know the right people. Good luck with your new robot build and remember, please do not make your robots too intelligent, they have a tendency become aware and we all know how that scenario ends!

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