Efitz sports earphones from Specter Wireless!

I don’t know about you but I have not been a fan of earbuds especially if you are using them while being active, the reason for this dislike is that they will often pop out of your ear and you have to stop what you are doing, it also seems the more times they fall out they just keep doing it all the more, which can be seriously annoying at the best of times. Yet just as you become used to not using something, a new design make you want to think about your decisions and this is exactly what Specter Wireless has done with the Efitz sports earphones. These have been specifically designed for this purpose, if you are active in sports, work or anything else, then you can wear these earphones without the fear of them falling out of your ears at the wrong time.

The EFITZ was built for fitness individuals by bringing them long-lasting bass-blasting sound throughout their entire workout. The high-performance sport design was handcrafted by fitness professionals to provide the most secure fit, while maintaining comfortability.

Unlike many new ideas, this is one that you are not going to have to wait for, there is no crowdfunding to wait for, simply order and you will receive, just how things should be. The Efitz is the state of art earphones and yet they have a price tag of just $95.95, which is not a bad price at all. The Efitz earphones come in a nice deep black finish, they are waterproof, have a battery capable of lasting up to ten hours and the user can receive phone calls too. The Sports design ensures that they stay in place, the controls are easy to use and are in the right place. For those who want more control, these earphones are fully compatible with both Siri and Google Assistant for hands-free freedom, could these be the earphones that we have been waiting for, time will tell!

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