Rare Apple 1 Computer being auctioned in May!

Back in 1976, Apple started selling the Apple 1 computer with a price tag of $666.66, which must have been great for religious people and those who believe in conspiracies. Anyway, it was not all plain sailing for Apple and its founders, but eventually, Apple become the most valuable company on the planet and yet here we are looking at a classic Apple 1 computer that is coming up for auction in May. This computer is as rare as they come, with only around 200 being made and first models ended up in the Byte Shop, this was the making of the business and the current estimate is that there are probably only around sixty of these original personal computers around. This really is a chance to buy a piece of Apple history, without this computer there would be no Apple and where would that leave us today?

The “Apple-1” did not have an operating system, just a so-called “monitor” program which provided the interface between keyboard entry – CPU – memory and monitor exit. Any more sophisticated software system – like “Basic” – had to be loaded on cassettes. Therefore, a cassette-interface-card, offered optionally by Apple, was required. -This present set contains the original card and the original early “6502 micro processor” in rare white ceramic design!

The auction of the Apple 1 computer is being organised by the German based Auction Team Breker, they have a record in this market and the prices of these rare computers range from $365,000 up to $905,000, so the estimate of these machines is anyone’s guess. This Apple 1 has the serial no. 01-0073 and could be yours if the price is right! It has to be assumed that there will be many interested parties keeping an eye on this sale as this is not the kind of thing that comes up for sale every day. If you want to stay in touch with things, check out the Auction Team Breker website.

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