Will you be loving the McDonalds app?

If you have ever thought that an app for the fast food chain McDonalds would be a great idea, then your luck is in but only if you live in certain areas. The app itself is as you might expect, it has the menu of course, there are details of any daily deals available, there is access to the rewards section for even more offers and the mapping section will use your location to direct you to the nearest McDonalds restaurant. So yes, install this app and McDonalds will be able to track your movements, but that is what many other apps do too.

McDonalds are rolling this out lightly at first in California, with around 30 stores in the Monterey and Salinas area can take advantage of it, but they are going to want to get this going mainstream as quickly as possible otherwise, it could all be a waste of time so once all of the bugs and hiccups have been sorted out, you can expect to be seeing this fast food app in stores and advertising.

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So there you have it, soon you will be able to order your favourite meal from your smartphone, now that is what you call fast food! The app is already available, so you can take a look at it and see if this is what you have been waiting for. Check it out on Google Play for Android and on iTunes for iOS powered devices, once this app rolls out into the wider world it will be interesting to find out how many people are loving the McDonalds app or not!

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