Uptime the iPhone video watching app from Google!

There is no doubt that videos and the internet belong together, but more than that videos and smartphones go together even more. Yet, it seems like we often end up watching the same videos, which is not fun and actually gets on your nerves after a while. So, what can be done about that? Simple, Uptime! This is an app that has been created for those people who just love to share and watch videos, it might sound simple enough but this is a new app from Area 120 the bad news is that they have only made it available on iTunes! What are they thinking about!

With the Uptime app, you will be able to watch and then share any YouTube video that you think is cool, funny or both. Or if you and your friends just happen to be online at the same time, you can watch the videos together and chat about them after, just like you would if you were all in the same room at the same time. Within the app, there are some cool features such as getting video recommendations and being about to curate your own list of favourite videos to share later.

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends no matter where they are. Easily share your favourite YouTube video and bring friends together to watch, chat, and have fun in real time. Uptime is brought to you by Area 120, a workshop for experimental projects within Google.

So there you have it, Uptime the app from Googles very own experimental workshop, Area 120 and if you like that much go and check it out on the Uptime website or alternatively you can just download it from iTunes right now and give it whirl, it is free so you have nothing to lose apart from getting all of your friends to download the app too, otherwise it is a pointless!

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