Lego Tape it’s what we have been waiting for!

We all know that Lego has been around for a long time, yet there is still one thing missing and that is something that connects the Lego bricks to other surfaces such as walls etc. But that is about to change with this cool new idea called Nimuno Loops, basically, this is a role of tape that is compatible with Lego and other similar styles of brick. The uses for this product are literally endless, you could cut off a small piece and stick it on the fridge door so that you can connect your Lego bricks to it in order to create an interesting display.

We at Nimuno have spent our lives building and creating using Toy Building Blocks. As professional designers, we see the creative potential it offers people young and old. In fact, we liked those wonderful Toy Blocks so much that we wanted to find a way to bring them to everyday surfaces – to bring them to the rest of the world. Nimuno loops does just that through its flexibility, cuttability and its re-useable adhesive backing. Forget the Internet of Things. We want to see the Nimuno Loops of Things! The possibilities are endless and we’d like you to have the opportunity to create paradigm-shifting builds on more-or-less any smooth surface, anytime.

The Nimuno Loops will come on a metre long roll, they will be initially available in either red or blue, it is flexible, has an adhesive backing and can be cut to the required length. This product is a genius idea and it is a wonder why nobody has come up with this before, what have they been thinking! While this is a brilliant idea they need help getting it off the ground and that is where crowdfunding comes in. Once the project has the required funding, there will be more colours such as green, grey, purple, and black coming online, but until then this is your chance to get involved.

They are hoping to get this on sale by the middle of the year, with a retail price of around $12.99 for two metres. However, this is crowdfunding and as such backers of the project are eligible for perks, so for just $8 an early backer can grab the two-metre pack and there are other perks too! To find out more and how you can grab a bargain go to the Nimuno Loops crowdfunding page on Indiegogo for news, details and to place your order early.

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