Make your photos cool with Philm!

These days we can hardly miss new images, photos and videos posted across the social media networks for everyone to see, like and share. Sometimes you might even find a photo or video that looks really cool and wondered how do they do that? Well, there are plenty of apps out there that can do just that, the trouble is some cost money and some are complicated to use, which is almost everything that we do not want. Anyway, now there is Philm, it is a free app that offers you the chance to edit your photos and videos into something that looks totally cool. The app is easy to use, which is a major bonus, there is nothing worse than an app that requires too much work in order to get to the end result.

Be a magician! Turn live videos/photos into awesome artworks with: Real-time art filters – Motion-tracking stickers. Transfer the stunning visual styles of famous artists into live videos in real time! See the world live through the genius eyes of Vincent van Gogh, or turn your surroundings into a comic book. Express your excitement by adding motion-tracking stickers, emoji, and text to accurately follow your body, your favorite pet, or a moving object in a video scene. Amaze your friends on social networks! Share your creative artworks to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google+, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Vimeo, Wechat, and more!

Philm is free, it offers the user some amazing features such as cool face effects, motion tracking stickers and some brilliant real-time art filters, all of which enable the user to create a really brilliant image or video that is ready to share with family and friends who will be amazed at newly found artistic skills, whether you choose to let them in on the secret is up to you. One thing is for sure your images and videos will never be the same again. The Philm app is available right now on Google Play for Android and iTunes for iOS powered devices, it is a free app so what are waiting for, give it go if you like it keep it and if you don’t like it, delete it.

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