Social trading networks such as eToro offer new opportunities!

These days we have become so familiar with social media that in many day to day activities it used to find out more about people, businesses and even the news, yet when it comes to making investments many people would probably warn you off from taking any notice of a tip found on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. But what if you were able to find out what investments successful traders were making, would that make a lot of difference to your investment decisions, the answer has to be yes and if you were able to follow these successful traders and copy their trading decisions do you think that would make a lot of difference to the results you would be seeing in the future, once again the answer has to be yes!

You might think that there is not going to be a social site like this available to just anyone who wants to get involved with investments, well, in that case, you have not heard about eToro a social trading network where you can find investors that you can relate to, follow them, communicate with them and best of all, the network will allow you to automatically copy the trades that they are making, it is not a sure thing, but it has to be the closest thing you are ever going to get to it. One such member of the eToro network is Jay Smith pro gamer who goes under the username Jaynemesis, he is interested in Technology, Politics, economics, and Gaming.

Despite denial I remain bullish on Bitcoin. The COIN ETF was the first of many, and although the commission voted against it on this occasion there are several more ETF’s ready to learn from this. It’s clear that over the last few weeks we’ve seen the price rally expecting a thumbs up, so this sharp drop will hurt a lot of investors my eToro copiers included, but in the long term the bull trend is likely to continue, the appeal of Bitcoin to countries facing high inflation, currency controls and corruption is only growing, as is the infrastructure surrounding the currency. Anything under $1000 per coin can be considered a discount and I’ll be using this opportunity to take up some long positions.

However, despite the success and demand in the Bitcoin digital currency, the SEC have recently rejected the application from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to bring the Bitcoin ETF to the market, this meant an initial fall in the value of Bitcoin, but has recovered since then. This decision marks the end of a three-year long campaign to have Bitcoin recognised by the SEC, so for them and other market leaders it is back to the drawing board for now!

eToro is a place where like-minded investors from around the world can search and find what is hot, who is trading the best and join in. Some members spend only a few hours a day on the platform and in the process have found that their trades returning a good profit. It is so simple to use too, simply sign up, look up other members, follow them, ask questions and then when you are ready to invest copy the trades of the traders that you feel comfortable with by pressing the blue button next to their profile, you can do this with just a $100 in your account. As with all investments you have to realise that traders even the top traders make losses now and then, so as long as you can afford to lose the money invested, then you are in the game.

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