Be a survivor with these Zombie proof houses!

We all know that one day the apocalypse will come, it could be a natural disaster, alien invasion or nuclear war, but there is one version of the apocalypse that is survivable and that is the one where a virus turns humans into flesh-eating zombies! The reason why it is easier to survive when zombies are roaming the deserted streets is that they are stupid and are only after food, which is mainly the remaining humans. So if you have a zombie proof house then the chances are that you have a better chance of surviving the apocalypse than the average person. So, if you are worried about the future and want to make sure that you are not on the menu for the zombie hoard, then this video from Factverse will give you an idea of what to be looking out for, in your next home, the only other main problem here is how are we going to afford our zombie-proof house? Well, that will have to be another article on another day!

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