The Earth 2050 Project is looking into the future!

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us, but there are plenty of predictions to go around and it this what a new and exciting idea is going to be all about, it is called Earth 2050 and it has been developed by the Moscow based Possible for the cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab. The idea is simple, get as many creative people as you can and then ask them to predict the future, this can be in the form of an article or an image, either way, the future will become clear according to the experts taking part. For many people, this means nothing, it sounds like science fiction, yet the future is all we have to look to after the past is now history. Looking ahead it seems like we have a lot to look forward to and maybe to fear too!

POSSIBLE Moscow has developed the interactive portal for Kaspersky Lab, to help raise awareness about the associated cybersecurity issues that the future may hold. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, has launched an interactive project that invites users to discuss the world of the future, the opportunities it brings and the threats it might cause.

Earth 2050 brings together men and women from artistic and scientific backgrounds, dreamers and innovators, to predict changes in the world, as well as technology and cyber threats in the upcoming 30 years.

POSSIBLE Moscow has created an interactive experience that features the most popular forecasts and theories – including some from the world’s top scientists and futurists – and invites designers from all over the world to interpret these scenarios, showcasing their vision for our future.

So if this is something that you might be interested in, then check it out by visiting the Earth 2050, Possible Moscow or the Kaspersky Lab website’s, you may find something that is really interesting. This is the future and it is happening now, how cool is that? Obviously, we all have our own ideas on what the future will be like, but here is a chance to get involved in a serious project looking into our future.

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