ZapBuy the app that helps you buy stuff on TV!

You might be thinking that buying stuff is easy enough these days, but believe it or not, some consumers want to buy the stuff that they see in advertising right then before they have had time to think about it and this is exactly what the ZapBuy app from OmnyPay is all about. Using state of the art technology the app will be able to bring all of the details of products seen in the press, billboards and on the television to your devices, allowing you to buy it straight away. This should be a retailers dream come true, obviously, they would need to invest in the technology itself in order to offer this service to consumers, buying stuff will never be the same again with this app downloaded on your smartphone.

ZAPBuy works across any advertising medium—supporting all digital media including display ads, social media ads, email, search engine, and television, as well as, print media such as billboards, catalogs, and posters. In all cases, it allows shoppers to complete the purchase with one scan within the context of the ad, completely streamlining the path from ad-to-purchase.

The rewards are obvious, normally the consumer would see something and then find a stockist before buying it, even if they search for the product online there is always the possibility that the consumer will be sidetracked or directed to view related items by other advertisers. With ZapBuy they see something they want and they can buy it there and then, the consumer is happy and the retailer is happy, it is just a matter of getting everything in place before we can make the final judgement on whether or not this is the dream app for retailers and consumers alike. It might be a while before we get to see this app freely available as it is early days for it, but eventually, you might be able to buy something that you have just seen in the media, how cool is that?

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