Slack users can be pros with SlackPass!

Being social is just something that we all take for granted these days as most of us have an account with one or more of the main social media sites. But when it comes to business, the use of social media is often frowned upon and in some cases posting work stuff online can get you in trouble with the boss! So there is a difference between social media for individuals and businesses, but there is an opportunity here to engage business, individuals and social media through digital education for business users.

Putting social media aside there are other ways that businesses can engage with business and private users, one such idea is Slack, this is a tool that started life as an internal tool for a business, but soon it became clear that this method of communication could be used by all businesses big or small, so it has been let loose online and today it is used by many businesses to communicate with staff members and customers. This system offers a business user no matter what size they are the ability to organise messaging, conversations and archives in one hand place.

SlackPass lets you create a subscription based business in seconds. Being built on top of Slack means that your business has access to a rich community platform where it’s easy to provide services, interact with customers and quickly share content.

While Slack is cool, it can be complicated and for some users as the team grows the ability to keep everything under control can drift away and this creates a breakdown in communications, which never a good thing in any business. SlackPass is another system that helps Slack users to get their community under control without the need for any technology experience. The great thing is that you can try it for free, with the basic plan offering the user an automated Slack invite feature, with unlimited users, they can accept free invites, and there is a customizable design feature too!

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