5 Reasons Why a Mobile App is Essential for Online Business

It can be easy to dismiss a mobile app as an unimportant accessory for your business – something that you could perhaps think about adding in the future. And, if you ever do get around to thinking about an app, it should be done as cheaply as possible. Yet this can be a seriously bad choice for your business. These days’ people spend 85% of their time on a smartphone or tablet using an app. This means that if you have dismissed the importance of an app for your business you could be getting left behind; especially if your competitors have invested in an app for their business. Still not sold? Here are 5 reasons why other companies have chosen to implement an app in their business strategy:

1: Customer Loyalty

Starbucks tends to be people’s go-to coffee place, but with so many competitor coffee shops popping up, the company knew they needed to create new incentives to keep their customers. Creating the Starbucks reward app, Starbucks allowed customers to gain free drinks, try out new coffees first and even order their coffee straight from their app so they could walk in and beat the queue.

2: Customer Convenience

Our society lives in a convenience culture, where if there’s an easier way to do something that’s probably the route we’ll take. Take hungryhouse, a European takeaway app, which started out in a web browser only format. Yes, the web browser made it easier to order food without calling anyone, but the company hadn’t gone far enough. People didn’t want the inconvenience of firing up a laptop or searching on a phone web browser when they could just use an app. Since launching their app, hungryhouse has grown in popularity and is now partnered with over 10,000 restaurants.

3: Reaching a Wider Customer Pool

A year or two ago had you even heard of Uber? Probably not! Yet the company was clever, it offered money off people’s first cab orders when they downloaded their app and even more offers when you recommended a friend to download it. It wasn’t long before “ordering a cab” became “ordering an uber”. This clever marketing trick and a well-made app helped Uber cement itself into people’s lives.

4: Advertise Your Products or Other Services

When you have a great app like Fitbit, it’s easy to start advertising your other products within that app. Fitbit regularly notifies its users when new products come out and even for new services linked to Fitbit such as Fitstar. Fitbit has created such a good product, with a great matching app, that it can easily keep its customers hooked as the likelihood is as soon as they show a new product within the app, people are going to upgrade their Fitbit to the latest wearable.

5: Customer Service

There’s no denying that Amazon tends to be our first port of call when we need something – selling everything from coconut water to car parts and chandeliers– but what really keeps us coming back is the amazing customer service. The Amazon app not only lets us buy things at a touch of a button, but it will also send us useful updates about these orders. You can even easily contact Amazon from the app about an order and get instant replies. All without picking up the phone or even firing up the PC.