Create Fake News with the Fake It To Make It game!

There has been a lot of talk about fake news recently, which is a surprise because the internet is full of it and it used to be known a joke or something like similar. However, there are a lot of people and businesses who are trying to get fake news banned from the internet and every other source of media, which is a hard job, to say the least. So, before we go any further it might be interesting to find out more about fake news and how it can spread.

Do your research before sharing! If you see something questionable, look it up! Sometimes, just a quick Google search is enough. Otherwise, I recommend Snopes, Politifact, and, all of which regularly debunk fake news and other types of misinformation. Consider your sources. If you use Chrome, try the plug-in Fake News Monitor, which will alert you if you are visiting certain sites known to distribute questionable news. It also lists the political leanings of sites.

This is a site called Fake It To Make It created by Amanda Warner, the idea of it is not encourage people to create fake news but rather to learn about how a fake news story is created and what the effects are once it starts spreading. For some, it would look like a real money spinner, while for others it could be the beginning of a total nightmare. This game is a great place for anyone interested in finding out how fake news works, so what will be your fake news story?

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