The Revival of a Classic: This Years’ Nokia 3310

When Microsoft purchased Nokia as part of a $7.17 billion deal back in 2014, many considered to represent a new beginning for the smartphone brand. More specifically, the mobile brand was suddenly poised for a significant overhaul, with Microsoft keen to develop an array of Windows Phones that could compete with Apple and Android handsets.

Despite this, Nokia have also remained true to their own values, and in February it was announced that the brand was to relaunch its iconic 3310 model onto the consumer market. This will delight Millennials across the UK, as the 3310 remains a popular, cult product that defined the market before the age of the smartphone.

The New Nokia 3310: What Can Customers Expect?

Given that the original handset was one of the biggest selling mobiles of all time, the level of expectation among customers has reached fever pitch in recent months. In response, online retailers are providing pre-registration pages for fans of the flagship device. The information at Mobile Phones Direct, for example, allows you to keep up date with UK release dates and future models.

So, what exactly should we expect from this years’ model and can the handset possibly become as well-received as the original?

At first glance, little appears to have changed from a design perspective. This does not do justice to the subtle ways in which the classic device has been enhanced, however, with a larger, colour and high resolution display one of the most prominent examples. The handset itself also features sleek and more rounded edges, as the brand have favoured a contemporary and durable design that can thrive in the current marketplace. To this end, a rear camera is also included, helping to bridge the gap between the original 3310 and the typical smartphone.

While developers have been keen to modernise elements of the original handset, they have strived to achieve this without compromising on the phone’s identity. This is reflected by the battery life of the new Nokia 3310, which boasts the same, month-long battery life that used to be standard among classic feature phones. Not only this, but there is also a fully-refreshed and colour iteration of Nokia’s fabled Snake game, which became a popular favourite among mobile phones owners during the 1990s.

A Classic Handset for the Modern Age

In looking to maintain a balance between past and present, Nokia have succeeded in creating a familiar and functional handset that benefits from a number of modern features. The concept has certainly been well-received by consumers, with data from the Carphone Warehouse suggesting that the Nokia 3310 has seen ten-times more pre-registration interest for this handset than any other flagship device released this year.

One issue that has been raised is the phone’s 2G capacity, which would potentially render the handset obsolete within the next two years. This problem may well be resolved by the emergence of the new Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform, however, which supports up-to 150Mbps 4G downloads and has been designed for entry-level phones in emerging markets. This platform also offers support for 2G and 3G networks, enabling reboots like the Nokia 3310 to achieve longer-term success in the market.