5 Simple Ways to Promote Your New App or Online Business

Starting a new online business or launching an app is as exciting as it gets if you love technology. That feeling of joy you get when seeing the first few orders coming in and the little smile on your face when you see other people using the app you’ve created are indeed priceless. That joy, however, can quickly disappear if you don’t take the necessary steps to maintain traction and growth.

There are plenty of marketing strategies and promotional activities you can use to get your new business or company off the ground. In this article, we are going to focus instead on the simplest methods that often get neglected. Let’s get started, shall we?

Letterhead and Signature

Always add proper branding to your company’s letterhead and email signature. Make sure to add sufficient promotional materials, but not too much that it starts to annoy the recipients. You should also add your domain name and social media handles to business cards.

Get Employees to Wear Branded Uniforms

If you have employees that wear uniforms, you can also promote your brand and your business through their uniforms. Alternatively, you can produce merchandise – t-shirts, hats, bags, etc. – and have employees wear them on certain days of the weeks. This is a free promotional tool that you don’t want to ignore.

Speaking of merchandise….

Spread the Word with Merchandise

Giving away free t-shirts or stickers is a great way to gain attention. This merchandise is easy and cheap to produce. Make sure you stick to higher quality products and that you keep the branding subtle. People are more likely to wear the free t-shirt you gave them if they like the design and feel of the shirt.

Add Coupons to Promotional Materials

Coupons are great for attracting new users. Even companies as big as Uber and Amazon still distribute coupons to boost their user acquisition rate. Always look for a chance to offer coupons to potential customers and get them to convert in no time.

You can also add coupons to flyers that you distribute offline. It is easy to design your new flyers online and get them printed, and since ecommerce platforms now support the use of coupons, it is easy to do this regularly too.


Yes, this means branding your own car and the cars of top executives of your business. You can also add branding to company cars to further promote your online business. The only thing I would remind you is to check the local regulations; some permits may be required before you can place advertising on vehicles.

Invest in Ads

I know I said 5, but this last tip is a good one to implement. Instead of waiting for SEO and content marketing to start showing results, it is a good idea to invest in ads and gain traction early. Both digital ads and offline advertisements are great for attracting early users quickly.

Not only will you be able to gain traction, you can also boost your internet marketing campaigns thanks to the higher traffic you’re getting. This, along with the previous five tips

we covered in this article, will help you promote your business early in the game.