Is This Best Samsung Advert Ever?

In the good old days, some of the adverts produced by the big consumer device manufacturers were a bit cheesy, to say the least, and some could be down right scadalous, however, times change thankfully and this is the latest offering from Samsung, instead of bashing the competition it looks like they are finally focussing on the products and how they are able to change the lives of those who use them. In this case, an Ostrich is looking for something to eat when its head becomes conveniently connected to a VR headset for the Ostrich there are no more heads in the sand, this one has its head in the clouds, virtually of course. This is probably the best advert that Samsung has ever come with, has the company changed direction following the Galaxy fiasco, lets hope so because this is good!

What happens if you refuse to listen to what “can’t be done?” Samsung believes the only way to achieve the impossible is by refusing to accept anything is. #DoWhatYouCant

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