Goliath MIDI Controller for a big audio experience!

If you have played in a band or just seen what goes on behind the scenes to produce that high-quality sound then you will know that there is a lot of technology backstage and a whole lot of cables too, so you can understand how sometimes something goes wrong and the experience is ruined for the band and the fans. Yet we find that there are some devices around that can eliminate a lot of the issues, such as the Goliath MIDI Controller, this little device from Gibbon Digital can take over a lot of the jobs, in fact, they are claiming that this one unit is able to take on sixteen different parameters at once, which is ideal.

The Goliath is a standard MIDI controller. It lets you take control of multiple parameters at once with just one encoder! With the Goliath you can create complex changes to your sound while playing and record complex automation to your DAW by controlling multiple plugin parameters at once. Because it’s battery powered, the Goliath is perfect for live performances. The Goliath is a great companion to a synthesizer, modular rig, drum machine or anything with a MIDI input.

The unit itself will into the palm of your hand, yet it is able to work as a standalone device, control a multiple of units at one time, has a random note generator, and it is battery powered allowing it to be used just about anywhere, and at anytime. You might be thinking that this kind of product is going to be targeted at the high end of the music market, yet you can found it crowdfunding on Kickstarter and for a backing of just 89 Euros, one of the first units off the production line later on this year will be yours! Now that would seem like a bargain right from the start, you just have to get the band back together in order to make full use of it!

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