GPS Tracking a Vehicle on a Smartphone

When it comes to protecting your vehicle or fleet’s security, you are going to be thinking about getting a GPS tracking device or a car alarm. You may not know how a thief’s mind works but with new and advanced vehicle security system you don’t have to. Car trackers and alarms can outsmart potential threats against your vehicle while protecting it from theft.

Vehicle and fleet security systems shouldn’t only be protected by alarms since criminals are getting smarter following the technological advancements. Due to these circumstances, tracking and telematics solutions have become a more preferred security system which also enables fleet owners to track their vehicles in real-time. This enables fleet owners to determine the exact location of a vehicle, where it has been and where it is headed. A reliable Vehicle Tracking Platform provides the option to generate a geofence and with this feature, the GPS tracker alerts the owner if said vehicle leaves the geo-fenced area. Also, GPS trackers don’t have the disadvantages of other security systems like security cameras and it allows you to monitor your vehicle even if it is out of your view. Alerts will be sent to your smartphone or your computers if the tracker detects any movement when you are not in the car. In the event of a vehicle theft, mobile GPS tracking app will alert you and it will provide you with the necessary information to contact the authorities, as a result, you will recover your vehicle easily and quickly.

GPS Tracking  a Vehicle on a Smartphone

GPS tracking devices include an integrated GPS receiver, a battery and a GSM transmitter. Using the
GPS satellites the tracking platform calculates the location of a vehicle and delivers it to you using GSM signals. GPS trackers are placed inside vehicles and concealed so they can’t be detected or be found by thieves, therefore, they can’t be disabled or deactivated easily. A GPS tracking server receives the signals, stores the date and provides all the information to the user whenever it’s necessary. The GPS tracking device sets off the alarm if it detects movement and starts the tracking process.

Vehicle theft is a constant risk but with the help of vehicle trackers, you can lower this risk to a minimum. By implementing a vehicle tracking solution and using the features such as; automated geo-fence zones, SMS text alerts and real-time tracking, theft risk of your vehicle is basically slim to none.

Other than the hardware features of the tracking devices; a vital component in preventing car theft is tracking a vehicle real-time from your smartphone. GPS tracking app provided by a tracking platform should be able to help you find and recover your car quickly. As pioneers in vehicle GPS tracking, Rewire Security offers one of the most advanced IOS and Android compatible vehicle tracking APPs in the market today.

Determine the needs of your fleet and maximise performance with the help a smartphone GPS tracking APP. With the data provided by a GPS tracking software, you can analyse and provide a better service to your customers. The satisfaction of your customers will help you increase your sales and profits. Have complete access and control over your fleet on a smartphone and deliver goods swiftly and precisely in due time.

Vehicle tracking APPs allow you to know where your employees are in real-time and where they have been in the past 6 months. Analysing the data, routes and travel times can enhance your customer service quality and help you lower the costs for your customers. The reduction in travel times also helps you deliver goods earlier hence your customer satisfaction increases.

GPS Tracking a Vehicle on a Smartphone

Security is maximised with tracking devices and using GPSLive vehicle tracking app on your smartphone, the risk of your vehicle being stolen is reduced to a minimum. It’s definitely worth having a car tracking device and a software like GPSLive smartphone APP to provide you with the utmost security for your vehicle.