Is your Twitter heavy then try Twitter Lite!

When it comes to social media Twitter has always been there for short and snappy messages to the world, but sometimes a slow connection can ruin the whole experience, which is why Twitter has rolled out a new version of the smartphone app that is able to load faster on slower mobile networks! It seems like they have been listening to the users and acted by bringing out Twitter Lite! This mobile-friendly of Twitter has been created to load fast while still keeping all of the features that we love so much, such as timeline, Tweets, direct messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, and so on! There is no app to download, all you need is a smartphone or tablet, open the browser and enter you are new ready to go lite. There are plenty of features and functions to play with too, so if you are looking for a lighter version Twitter, this is it.

Every day, millions of people around the world use Twitter to see what’s happening right now. However, there are several barriers to using Twitter, including slow mobile networks, expensive data plans, or lack of storage on mobile devices. While smartphone adoption grew to 3.8 billion connections by the end of 2016, 45% of mobile connections are still on slower 2G networks, according to GSMA.

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