How much data are you using? Glasswire knows!

If you use a smartphone or tablet then you will be using data, but if you just happen to go over your limit by the slightest amount it can cost you dearly, do this a few times a year and you are really going to be paying over the top for the data you use. Usually, it is the apps that use the data, sometimes in the background without you even knowing about it and in many cases it is not even essential data uses either, so the only winners here are the service providers and nobody wants that as they are getting enough out of us already.

The solution is to keep track of your data, but again, this is too much like hard work and besides who wants to spend their spare time checking on which apps are using the most data! So, what about this app called Glasswire, this app will monitor what is going on and what apps are using your precious data. It has a simple to use graph, just click on the Usage tab and it will display the apps using the data, the hosting and what it was for, this way you know exactly what is happening and when looking after your data has never been easier.

Internet & Bandwidth Usage Monitoring – Is your ISP stingy with their bandwidth? GlassWire can help you stay under your limit by alerting you to possible Internet overages, plus see what apps are using up all your bandwidth under the usage tab.

There is more to app than just keeping an eye on your data usage, but this the feature that we are interested in, data usage can be a tricky subject with some mobile carriers and internet service providers, they are quick to say that the service is “Unlimited” by it rarely is, use too much and you could find that out where it hurts, in your wallet. You might think that something like Glasswire is going to cost you too, but you can download it to your Android powered device from Google Play now for free, you cannot do better than that!

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