Dark Beacon is a classic horror movie!

The classic horror movie seems to have taken a back seat recently to other genres such as science fiction and drama, but if Dark Beacon is anything to go on it would seem like the horror movie is far from dead! Right from the start, there is an atmosphere that builds throughout the story allowing those hairs on the back of your neck to rise once more. The breathtaking scenery does not make it any better, it may look nice and secluded at this Lighthouse, but when it is dark and stormy I cannot think of a worse place to be. This is one of those movies that has you gripped right until the end, is this really the main character’s husband come back from the dead or is there something else happening here?

In new horror thriller Dark Beacon we follow Amy Wilcock who loves the married Beth Gadbsy with a fierce and tragic passion. When Beth’s distraught husband Christian dies in an emotional intervention, the widow disappears with her daughter Maya into secret seclusion. Amy tracks Beth down to a distant lighthouse to find her broken and maddened and that the spirit of Beth’s spurned husband will not rest until he takes the surviving trio with him to the grave…

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