Stormcrow helps you to Tweetstorm with ease!

If you have ever wondered how some Twitter pros are able to post tweets that form an article, then you might be interested in Tweetstorm, this is where you produce a series a Tweets that when put together read like an article. But producing something like this with only 140 characters to play with for each Tweet can become a bit of a nightmare, until now! Whereas on other social media networks having a good rant about something is easy, you just write down your thoughts and press publish, job done! Yet on Twitter it is very different, you only have 140 characters and these are soon eaten up, the only way around this is to Tweetstorm and this has been made much easier with the Stormcrown app created by Jared Sinclair!

If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to write a properly threaded tweetstorm, my new app Stormcrow can help. Type all your tweets into a single text view. Stormcrow will automatically separate your paragraphs into a thread of automatically-numbered tweets. Publish them all at once at the tap of a button. Spend less time futzing with reply buttons and counting tweets, and focus on what you’re trying to say.

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Download Stormcrow from iTunes for your iOS powered device and you are ready to rant and rave to your heart’s content. Open the app up, start writing and the app will break it up into Tweet sized pieces that are properly formatted, numbered and most importantly in the right order, once you are happy with what you have then it is time to Tweetstorm, your Tweets will never seem the same again, is the world ready for this? As mentioned earlier Stormcrow is available right now on iTunes, it will set you back $2.99, but imagine all of the fun that is to be had from an app such as this!

#Stormcrow #TweetStorm #Tweet #Twitter #Text

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