Technology’s Impact on the Way We Travel!

It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones, and mobile technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives all the time. These days, it’s hard to think of an activity that doesn’t have an app to help you perform better, maximise results or reach your full potential.

Every industry has been affected by the online and mobile revolution, but travel more than most. Apps exist for helping you with local languages, packing for your trip, planning your trip, and just about every other requirement you may have when traversing the globe. And while it can seem less exotic, romantic or mystery-filled to travel today, I’d suggest it’s all about what you do with the technology at your fingertips.

Interconnected Travel Opportunities

Being connected globally via the World Wide Web certainly allows more people to travel, more often. Apps that compare ticket prices can save you thousands, and working from anywhere as you explore new places is an essential reality for a lot of modern wanderers. Saving money and actively generating more as you make your way around the globe or return to favourite holiday spots is definitely the way to do things.

Technology is also what’s made it possible for businesses like Airbnb to take off, allowing residents to make money renting out rooms in their homes or even renting out their cars. Many more hostels, hotels, restaurants and other destinations also have more of a chance of a look-in now, since people use the Internet rather than a travel agent’s recommendations to decide what to do. This means you’re exposed to a lot more options and the favourable reviews of fellow explorers on sites like TripAdvisor count for a lot.

Instead of face-to-face recommendations from others who have made the same journey, you have access to a world of opinions online. Although this may lack the personal factor, there’s a lot to be said for crowdsourcing of opinions.

Technology’s Impact on the Way We Travel

Is the Romance of Travelling Dead?

I wouldn’t say so at all! While you can use apps to plan the best trips in advance with technology taking into account your priorities to make personalised recommendations, it’s still possible to give yourself flexibility.

Find out all you can about anywhere you’re going and get recommendations about what to do once you arrive or well before, but take the time to relax in a local spot and chat to people who live there too. For me, it’s all about that balance and while some people might feel you can either have the convenience of planning that technology allows or the excitement of discovering things on your own as we used to in days gone by, I am firmly of the opinion we can have both.

Locals on the ground, friends who have travelled to wherever you’re going and strangers on the Internet can all be consulted and can make valuable recommendations. Then it’s up to you to be alert enough to use those as a starting point and follow any other interesting leads that come up. If nothing else does, you can enjoy whatever you have planned, but if someone at a bar tells you about a local hangout that you knew nothing about, you can enjoy the spontaneity.

Use Travel Tech To Your Advantage

When it comes to travelling, use technology in the way that works best for you, but don’t forget to take inspiration from the way we travelled in days gone by. Thankfully we no longer have to rely on paper maps to navigate our way around, but by combining modern trends such as apps and chatting to the locals and discovering hidden gems, you can really make the most of travelling anywhere on the globe.