Tetris game microcard for your wallet

If there is one game that gripped the world in the mid to late 80’s it has to be Tetris, even today it can be found on many smartphones and tablets, it is just one of those games that really challenges us and it has that retro appeal too. So, if you do not want to play games on your devices, then your luck is in with the launch of the Tetris Microcard, this little piece of hardware will literally fit into your wallet and yet when the urge comes you are able to play a quick game of Tetris.

It’s the Tetris game that fits in your wallet! The Tetris MicroCard is the ultimate on-the-go gaming hardware for those moments where you want to take a quick Tetris break! The Tetris MicroCard is powered by Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card.

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You will be getting a brilliant OLED display, six soft touch & tactile buttons, a two channel Piezo speaker system, it is housed in a durable metal & polycarbonate casing, offers up to eight hours of battery life before needing a recharge and finally it is fully programmable using Arduino!

As for the tech specs of the device, it is powered by an ATmega32u4 processor, has 32 KB Flash, 2.5 KB RAM and 1 KB EEPROM of storage, a USB 2.0 w/ built in port, a 128 x 64 1 Bit OLED display, Piezo speaker & Blinky LED, it has an 180 mAh thin film Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery and uses Codebender, Arduino IDE, GCC & AVRDude programming.

The device measures up at around 85 mm × 53 mm × 5 mm, which is just about the size of a credit or debit card. The gameplay is awesome despite the size and if you are interested in putting one of these into your wallet it will set you back around £48! For more details go to the Tetris Microcard website or to order one go to the buy section, where you will be directed to the stockists in your country.

#Tetris #Microcard #TetrisMicrocard #Game #Arduino