Feeling retro with this Atari Pong table!

If you are old enough you might remember sitting at a table in a bar or some other place, playing arcade games. These gaming tables were revolutionary at the time and gave many people the idea that IT was not something that belonged in colleges and universities if you had a good idea and you could somehow build it, this new world of technology belonged to you. So, years later it seems like some people would like to see what all the fuss is about and have come up with this great retro design for gaming coffee table that is running Atari Pong, which is one of the first computer games to reach the masses.

This design is a modern take on the classic version, obviously, it has the Pong game installed, but that is where the retro ends because the table comes with built-in USB ports and it could even come with Bluetooth allowing you to stream your favourite tunes while playing the game. The actual design of the table is classic with retro styling and text, this is just something that would not look out of place in a bar, man cave or in the office, Friday afternoons would never be the same again, although, this is something that I would like to keep for myself, it is too good to allow it to be abused.

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You can play PONG, with the same look and feel concept of paddles and arcade like buttons. We took the chance and added some extra game modes, in which the gameplay gets slightly modified to improve the experience even more. These include the chance of hitting curves when the buttons are pressed with good timing, and mods that affect the other players pad movement (such as Freeze, Drunk and Reverse).

There some cool design features too, whereas in the retro games tables the controls were under the table top, the design has placed them under lids, so when the game is not being played, the controls are hidden away and there is more coffee table top space made available. This cool table is not available just yet, they are expecting to get on sale by the end of the year with a pre order price of around $1300, however, visit the Pong Kickstarter page and you bag a bargain by backing the project with just $900, now that has to be a bargain.

#Atari #Pong #CoffeeTable #AtariPongCoffeeTable #AtariPong