Wondershell the backpack made for superheroes!

Many of us still use backpacks, they are so handy for carrying laptops, tablets and just about anything else that we might need on our travels. However, have you ever considered your backpack as being something that could save your life, probably not because that is not the reason for buying it and even if it was where would you go for such a backpack? Well, it seems like there is when the Wondershell backpack goes on sale later on this year.

The first thing that you will notice about this backpack is its shape, it will probably remind you of a shield and in fact, after looking at the specs for it, you might think that it is probably a lot stronger than a shield as they are claiming it is not only shockproof, it is bulletproof too. Choose from a leather or fabric covering for the fibreglass shell and you can rest assured that anything inside is going to be protected.

World’s strongest shield shaped bulletproof backpack. Maximum security for yourself and your belongings. Specially designed to make you look, feel and live like a wonder human being. WonderShell consists of special protected pockets for laptop, tablet, phones, various smaller items and additional space to fulfill your daily urban needs. Real life superhero backpack.

The Wondershell comes in two sizes, at 47 cm and 40 cm, there is enough space inside to accommodate a laptop up 13 inches, as well as enough space to smartphones and anything else that you might want to take with you. As for the cost, when it goes on sale expect to pay around $375 for it, but head on over to the Wondershell page on Indiegogo and you could get one from just $275, which has to be a bargain, but only for a short time, these offers are likely to run out as more backers of this project take up this opportunity.

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