We know that the Xenomorph has been here before and the chances are it will return, we cannot always rely on the Yautja to save us either. But it seems like there is one thing we can rely on and that is the sportswear firm Reebok. With the new Alien movie on its way, what better time is there to revive the Stomper shoe!

In 1986, the FOX movie Aliens ruled the cinema. Fans had waited seven years for the sequel to the cult classic Alien, and it didn’t disappoint. The final fight scene was a killer, and Reebok’s Alien Stomper boot was there to kick things into high gear for the movie’s main character, Ellen Ripley, to ultimately fight off the Queen.

The Alien Stomper has been released now with a retail price around $175, although on the Reebok Alien Stomper page there is a chance for you to win a pair of these brilliant shoes, just give your email, shoe size and date of birth to be in with a chance, while the Xenomorph will not stand a chance!

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