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2nd May 2017

AI writes It’s No Game starring David Hasselhoff!

A while ago we watched a special video called Sunspring, it’s a short science fiction movie starring Silicon Valleys Thomas Middleditch, what made it special is that it was written by Benjamin an AI created just for this purpose. This was not a one-off event either because here comes It’s No Game another piece written the AI Benjamin and this time starring David Hasselhoff, yes it’s the Hoff being directed by a computer program, how cool is that?

In this day and age, just how useful are “writers” anyway? The filmmakers behind ‘Sunspring’ have come back with a new short starring David Hasselhoff, Tom Payne, Tim Guinee, Sarah Hay, and Jake Broder. Once again, they’ve enlisted the help of “Benjamin,” an A.I. programmed by Ross Goodwin to write screenplays.

It’s No Game stars Tom Payne, Tim Guinee, Sarah Hay, David Hasselhoff, and Jake Broder, it is a bit like a Robocop sort of movie, with characters trying to get ahead at any cost, well normally at the cost of others rather than themselves. It is interesting and should make the creatives have the odd nightmare now and then, especially when they are handing over their latest work for editing.

#DavidHasselhoff #Benjamin #AI #Movie #Filmmakers

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