When the Empire falls the Stormtroopers have to go home!

Wars come to an end, Empires crumble and the men return home, this is a scenario that has taken place throughout history and it makes no difference where you are from, in war we do things that would not be acceptable back home, yet when a war ends or an empire falls, there are those men who just want to return to the place where they have come from. The trouble is that in some cases, the world that they are returning to is a completely different place and the people may not feel like treating those returning soldiers as heroes.

We have often wondered since the end of the Return of the Jedi, what happened next for the men and women who fought on both sides of the war? Well, it seems like we are not the only ones, as this video will show you. Life Outside The Frame is just a story, it follows a stormtrooper called Jarvis, his war is over and he has chosen London as his home. Here he plans to move forward with his life and live like the rest of us, he will get a job, find a nice place to live in and maybe even meet someone special. The trouble is, even in London the ex-stormtrooper is going to come up against brick walls.

This is a great story that looks past the main characters of the story, we know what happens to them but it is the unknown faces of the conflict that will find it hard to start over, they have little money, they are often hated by many people and their skills are not at the top of the most wanted list with many businesses. Starting over must be the hardest battle for many soldiers coming back from a conflict that has lasted years and cost so much. Would you give a stormtrooper a chance?

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