McDonalds when we say “Go Large!” this is what we mean!

You how it is, you are in the queue in McDonald’s and suddenly you are at the front being asked for your order, which you do and normally for me, it would be a Big Mac meal, the killer question is when they ask you if you want a bit of extra value, to me this would mean the burger that you see above, that is my idea of an extra value meal, not a few more fries and a bit more ice in the drink. Well, we can dream on and just watch those teasers over at Hellthy Junk Food make the biggest and the best Bog Mac I have ever seen. Could you handle this one and we are not talking about a slice either, we are talking about the whole thing!

Giant Big Mac – This recipe will help you become more important to those that think little of you. Make giant things happen in life. Make a Giant Big Mac. 4,125 Calories Prep: 15 minutes Bake @ 350°F: 45 minutes

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