One day those old cassette tapes will play again!

There was a time when a cassette tape was the coolest thing ever and if you had a cassette tape player with a record function, well you were able to produce copies of records, pre-recorded cassette tapes and even record your favourite tracks off the radio. There was a downside to these tapes and it is simple, the tape itself was prone to getting caught up within the machine and if you had a cassette player in your car, this was a serious headache that would often mean some serious words being shouted out.

So, there are a lot of cassette tapes out there, some with homemade content and some with classic albums on, which you might think is all a waste now! This might be true, but you have not seen the Elbow yet! This simple idea could breathe life into those old cassette tapes once more! The concept is easy enough, the device clips over the spool of the tape and you press play to listen to it through your headphones. It is a shame that this device has not been made yet as we can see this being a gift to buy those people who have a lot of cassette tapes on the shelf with no cassette player to play them on!

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