Moseri the underwear for the modern man!

Normally we would not bother with something like underwear, but on this occasion it seems like we should be, it is not because these designs are connected to the internet by a wireless connection, or that they are able to let you know when they need replacing, although if there are any designs like that then we would seriously like to know about it!

Moseri is a brand that has been created for the modern world, this could be called underwear 2.0, but we will stick to the facts here. This range of underwear has been created so that it will never smell, which is a major bonus, its design means that it will not fray either and its smooth finish means that your shirt will not be bulging out in all of the wrong places.

As for the price, a pack of two borderless or bordered tank tops will set you back $46 and a pack of two borderless V-neck tees or borderless crew neck tees will set you back $64. So if you are interested in the latest innovation and design in men’s underwear go to the Moseri website, where if you are quick entering the code NEWBIE15 with your first order will give you 15% off!

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