If you are new to the world of gaming then the sheer selection of potential games out there may be intimidating. For some reason you may have never familiarised yourself with virtual gaming and now thanks to smartphone technology and the ever growing mobile gaming market more and more of us from all walks of life can enjoy gaming more easily than ever. But without knowing exactly what each game can provide the player it can be an imposing prospect for newcomers to the world of gaming.

Here are just a few of the best games to help get you started on your new gaming venture.



For those new to online gaming will certainly want to help alleviate the situation by enjoying a fun and even somewhat juvenile game that will certainly help you feel at ease. Chimgam is pretty straightforward, you move yourself left and right to avoid the falling poop and collect the level ups. Don’t get too caked in poo though because you’ll slowly deplete your energy bar. It’s not exactly brain-training but it’s definitely good for a laugh or two!


Temple Run is a hugely popular endless runner which has had incredible success across most major mobile platforms. It’s readily available to play online and it will manage to hold your interest. Simply move left and right to continue running along the unending route dodging hungry monkeys and making sure you don’t fall over the edge. You collect coins as you go and if you do try this out on your smartphone you can even boost your enjoyment with a selection of in-game purchases.


Bingo has seen quite the resurgence in recent years mostly thanks to the evolution of mobile gaming. Now you can enjoy one of the simplest forms of gambling around. The number matching classic is fun and extremely simple to play which makes it the ideal game to help get you started on your online gaming adventure. What’s more is that there are tonnes of great sites out there, which you can find all about over at Bingosites.uk.


It’s one of the biggest mobile-based gaming apps of all time and it has managed to sustain interest mostly thanks to its simplicity. Candy Crush is the perfect starter game for players new to online gaming and gives amateurs an opportunity to enjoy plenty of bright coloured candy matching action. Simply click and switch various sweets and candies to line up 3 or more in a row eventually jumping through hundreds of different levels.


You may think that an online golf game would be a tad tedious however when it comes to Wonderputt you might want to think twice. Wonderputt tries to recreate all the fun of crazy golf with numerous levels to help test your various putting skills. You play on a huge 3D course with each hole offering a different challenge. It’s simply a case of lining up an arrow and moving your mouse to adjust the power of the shot. It’s filled with fun animations and
plenty of cool things to keep you going.