SoundFloat the must have lounger this summer!

One day soon summer will arrive here and then it will be all outside in the garden, on the coast and around the pool, yes any old pool will do. Yet, once we are chilling there are certain things that will be missing like your smartphone after all nobody is going to take their expensive devices to the pool and yet it will not have to be like that. Check out the SoundFloat this looks like a sunlounger and acts like one, but there is one big difference here, it comes with Bluetooth built in and so you are able to connect your devices to the sun lounger.

The SoundFloat is a new tech-enabled inflatable air lounge that offers quality, durability, and comfort for an unforgettable wireless experience. Whether you want to keep the party going at your friends packed pool, or have your own private oasis at a lakeside getaway, the SoundFloat can provide it. There is no other air lounge on the market that is a luxury float, a comfortable bed, a superlative stereo sound system, a hands-free phone, a device charger, and more in one beautiful product.

Floating around in the pool, will have a new meaning with the SoundFloat, take advantage of its built-in speakers, power bank, waterproof pouch for your device and it is comfortable too, what more could you want from a sunlounger this summer! You might be thinking that this is going to cost more than you are prepared to pay for a sun lounger, but it is on Kickstarter and that means a good deal for those who are quick to back the project. The single lounger with some extra goodies could be yours with a pledge of just $285 and they are expecting to get this going by July too, so that leaves enough time to make full use of the nice weather. For more details on the SoundFloat head on over to their website or check out the Kickstarter page for details on how to pre-order one for yourself.

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