Standby for Iron Sky The Coming Race!

Just when you thought that we have seen the last of Nazis from WW2 they are back, but it seems that once again the human race has been lied to and we are nothing but slaves to a race known as the Vril. The reason why we have not realised that we have been manipulated throughout history is that the Vril are a reptile based race with to the ability to shapeshift. This has allowed the Vril to rule over us for centuries and now we are taking the battle to them. Iron Sky is back, it is twenty years later, the remaining humans are surviving on the Moonbase vacated by the Nazis and the plan is to take Earth back in an epic invasion.

Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of mankind. Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity – or destroy it once and for all. The truth behind the creation of mankind will be revealed when an old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth. To save humanity they must fight the Vril, an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race and their army of dinosaurs.

Iron Sky The Coming Race will star Julia Dietze, Udo Kier, Lara Rossi, Tom Green, Stephanie Paul, Jukka Hilden, and Kari Ketonen. This is a movie that is fun, science fiction and conspiracy theory all rolled into one package, there are those who are probably not going to like the Nazi content and for good reason, but the Vril conspiracy goes back a long way and there are those who firmly believe in this version of history. The release date for Iron Sky The Coming Race is set at the 14th February 2018, I know where I will be!

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