The one millionth Porsche 911 being made!

It is amazing when you think that the first Porsche 911 rolled off the production line in 1963 and a few days ago the one millionth model was produced, sure they are different in many ways, yet they are are the same in other ways. Whatever you think of the 911, it has to be one of the most iconic car designs on the road today. Watch the video above to see just how they put these cool cars together, it is poetry in motion and the finished car is the Porsche Carrera S in Irish Green it is a work of art!

It is the archetypal sports car for everyday driving, and a style icon that is unmistakable as both the face and heart of the Porsche brand: the 911. In Zuffenhausen today, the one-millionth model rolled off the production line – a Carrera S in the special colour “Irish Green”, with numerous exclusive features following the original 911 from 1963. Get an exclusive behind the scenes of the production of this unique car in this video.

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