The X2 Pro social camera for your car!

Dashcams are a popular device to have in your vehicle these days but like insurance, you buy it and hope that you never need to use it, which seems to be a waste of money and good technology. This why the social car camera is becoming a popular device to have instead of just a dash camera. The thing that makes this camera different from anything else on the market is the social element, you can share you driving experiences, which is not only good for a bit of fun, it can also help highlight some of the seriously bad driving that we see on the road in front of us every day.

DDPai was the first dashcam manufacturer to coin the term “social car camera” in 2013, due to its innovative and social take on its community. Users can share their driving videos on the community as well as access video how-to guides and much more. The X2Pro even comes with an external button, which can be placed on the dashboard for one-click image and video capture without having to touch your phone.

There are serious reasons for owning such a device, there is a rise in those so called crash for cash accidents if you have a record of the accident and it is not your fault then you stand a better chance of protecting yourself against this kind of road crime. But more than that, with the press of the button you are able to share your photos and videos to your favourite social network, there are plenty of good reasons to that too. Firstly you can share your road trip memories and secondly sometimes bad things happen on the road, this device could help in an accident or any other incident. This is fun and safety all rolled into one and it will set you back around $300, check out the DDPAI website for information.

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