Forget alien invasion! They just do it by remote!

It stands to reason that we are not alone in this massive universe, but so far we are still waiting for that first contact with an intelligent alien race. If and when this happens, it will be momentous and will change the world as we know it. Naturally, there are those of us who worry about aliens with advanced technology turning up on our doorstep and with good reason. Yet, this has not happened yet either, so what is happening here, are we really alone in the universe or do the aliens have another more subtle plan to conquer the planet?

This is Incoming, a short science fiction movie from Skywatch Productions, it is dark and eerie, there are no special effects, no spacecraft and no invading alien army. Incoming tells the story of a quiet invasion, the aliens, in this case, are very smart, so smart in fact, that they can take over a planet without even leaving their homeworld. This is an invasion by remote and to be fair, it would seem to be the most practical way of taking a planet from its indigenous species, which in this case, is us.

The fact that the aliens are not seen, makes this even more frightening than a fleet of massive ships appearing heading for Earth. The fact that they are able to seize control without building expensive ships, makes us wonder if this could be real, are the aliens already controlling key people in important positions? It makes perfect sense when you think about! A simple signal sent from the homeworld could set the whole thing in motion, the trouble is that by the time we realise what is coming on, it is too late or so the aliens think, they haven’t considered that there are people who watch the skies and listen to strange signals originating from deep space.

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