PRIVAT the smartphone protecting your privacy!

It seems that today we are never too far away from an issue of security or privacy with our smartphones, the trick is to be careful and try to stay one step ahead of the threat, but this is not easy and it some cases it is not much fun either. The great thing about smartphones is that we can grab it to take a quick photo or make a cool video, but smartphones are more than just cameras, with the apps that we use the smartphone could be the gateway to everything you have, money, work and personal life, so maybe it’s time we took smartphone security seriously!

This is the PRIVAT or it will be once they actually begin making them, it is a smartphone that offers the user a stylish design, high performance and cutting edge privacy, this is just about what everyone would ever need in a smartphone. The PRIVAT is running on the Android v7.0 Nougat operating system, powered by the Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 processor and a quad core 2 x 2.35 GHz Kryo & 2 x 1.6 GHz Kryo CPU. It comes with a 5.5 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colours offering 1080 x 1920 of pixel resolution.

Your photos and videos are the most sensitive data on your smartphone and it is very easy to broadcast them without noticing it. You could share them by mistake in any social media, store them on the cloud making your data vulnerable to any account stealing. Even if you are very careful with the previous problems, you still can be hacked through a malware and so on.

The makers of the PRIVAT say that the device is able to offer you 100% guaranteed protection for your videos and images, it’s anti spy system will disconnect the microphone and GPS system when required, it does because it has two main boards capable of working independently of each other, both boards have a separate operating system installed, memory and an expandable SD card slot. All of this makes for one of the most secure smartphones around. As mentioned earlier this smartphone is not available just yet, but it will be going into crowdfunding very soon and then we get an idea of the price and what sort of deals they will be offering the backers of the project. For details and news on this interesting new smartphone go to the PRIVAT website.

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