Camp Bacon! Yes this place is real!

Even for vegetarians, bacon poses a serious temptation so for the rest of us you can just imagine what Camp Bacon would do for you! This is one place where your taste buds will be getting a serious workout and where you will find that bacon is not just the best food ever, it is the only food! If you are serious about bacon are able to get to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the USA then heaven awaits, for the rest of us, we just want to know why this kind of thing is not happening here and now!

Zingerman’s Camp Bacon® is a food lovers camp. It is a food historians camp. It is a camp that fills your mind as much as your stomach. We love to taste the bacon and don’t get us wrong, you will leave having tasted a lot of bacon, but we are there to share the story behind the bacon. We share with you new ways to appreciate bacon and talk about how what we feed the animal impacts the flavor of the meat you are eating. The passion of our guest speakers is edible, you can literally taste the hard work and love they put into their bacon and dishes.

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