Make your own mixed reality headset with HoloKit!

There already cardboard headsets out there like the Google Cardboard VR unit, these simple and cheap kits use your smartphone to produce a pretty good virtual reality device. But what if you want to go further, say with augmented reality, this is something else and yet with this new kit from Amber Garage it too will soon be a reality. There are not many details available on delivery and price yet, but we are expecting it to be similar to what the Google Cardboard costs, which is under $20.

HoloKit enables Mixed Reality through a simple and smart DIY Cardboard Kit (HeadKit) with everyone’s smart phone + open source HoloKit software (TrackKit). HoloKit has 76 degree field of view and super sharp optics quality. Not only it supports wide range of bluetooth devices to interact but also supports multiple players to share holograms. We open source our ingenious headset design and our cutting-edge inside-out tracking software to enable everyone in the world to have accessibility to great mixed reality experience.

The Holokit is an interesting device, even though it has no strap so you will need to hold it up to your sees when in use, or course, you could always add your own. This is a great little idea that offers the user a chance to check out augmented reality without having to pay out a huge amount of cash for the privilege. The idea is simple enough too, the cardboard already has the folds and there are two built in mirrors that project the smartphone images onto the lens. Simply fold up with your smartphone tucked inside and you are good to go. If you are interested in this device and would like to try out mixed reality, head on over to the Holokit website for news, images and more information.

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