New Cyprium germ and odour free towels!

If you are in the market for some new towels then you are in luck as these new towels have been designed to be germ and odour free due to the infusion of a copper mineral, which has been proved to be a powerful antimicrobial. Apart from anything else these towels look great, they are soft and therefore can be used by anyone in the home from the youngest to the eldest and even the dog too! They are hoping to get these on sale by the end of the year, but currently, the project is crowdfunding on Kickstarter where anyone backing it with around $55 will be eligible for a bath and hand towel set.

Cyprium towels are safe for adults, children and pets.
Infused with Copper mineral (An antimicrobial, EPA certified metal)
100% Germ-Free
Soft and plush feel
Ethically made from the finest bamboo and combed cotton
OEKO-TEX® certified for the best quality
650 GSM (grams per square inch)
Two color options: Gray or Beige

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