Sign Up for Google’s Area 120 here!

There is no doubt that Google are good at coming up with some great and innovative ideas, but some of them are released without any alerts and some even disappear after a short while too. So in order us tech heads to check these ideas out, Google has opened up the incubator section that they call Area 120. The name comes from the idea that they are giving 100% effort to just 20% of the new ideas in the pipeline.

We’re an experimental program within Google to help small teams rapidly build new products in an entrepreneurial environment. We’re where Googlers spend 100% of their time on 20% projects.

So there you have it, sign up for access to the mysterious Area 120 here, its just your email and the mobile operating system they need to get you started. This where some cool ideas such as Uptime, Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger, and Advr, which is looking into using VR for advertisements.

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