If you travel you need this bag!

It makes no difference if you are travelling to work, on a day trip or going away for a well-earned break, the chances are that you will be carrying a lot of stuff around with you such as phone, tablet, keys, wallet and so on, with all of these valuables all in one handy place, a thief would think that this is an opportunity not to be missed. Imagine losing all of your stuff, what would you do and where do you start?

Well a good start is to find a bag that has been designed to keep your stuff safe and secure, like the FlexSafe from AquaVault, this bag has been designed to not only keep your stuff secure, it also comes with a fully waterproof solar panel built in so that you will never have to suffer from having a low battery alert again either.

The Patented FlexSafe+ is loaded with features. It’s made from ULTRA Cut and Slash Resistant Materials, has a Motion Sensor Alarm System, a Water-Proof Solar Charger & More. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, this is where you lock up your valuables. Never worry about your “STUFF” again.

The FlexSafe comes in two sizes, is made from a tough slash proof nylon material with a full RFID blocking feature. It has a locking device allow the user to secure it to something that is not easily removable allow you to go for a swim or just relax without having to keep an eye on your stuff. This handy bag can easily fit inside a backpack for easy transportation and finally, there is a built in 110 DB alarm system should anyone try to take the bag.

The FlexSafe is due to go on sale later on this year, but currently, they are crowdfunding and that means there is an opportunity to literally bag a bargain. Pledge $59 and the smaller version could be yours, while for $89 the larger bag with more features and functions could be yours. For more details on the FlexSafe and how you could pre-order one head on over to the FlexSafe page on Indiegogo.

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