Wearhaus Beam earbuds with colour customisation!

As you will already know we like cool stuff here, but there is a problem with cool gadgets and devices, which is if something is too popular the chances are that your family or friends will also have the sort of devices, which is totally uncool, to say the least.

The problem is easily solved through customisation, but this is a feature that not all devices offer, yet a simple custom feature such as a colour change can make all of the difference and this is what the new Wearhaus Beam earbuds offer, with a choice of up to five million different colour combinations.

Other earbuds have tried, but none have gotten even close to the amount of colour options we offer. With a three-color gradient and the entire colour spectrum at your beck and call, there are over 5 million colour combinations for you to pick, any time you want!

Even when it comes to earbuds, the fact that you are able to choose a colour that reflects your mood makes them something special and that is before you know anything about them. They use Bluetooth to connect so there are no wires to get in the way, it also allows the user to share music with other nearby users, which is cool, but only if your music is great of course.

So, you might be thinking that this kind of product with the specs and features it offers is going to be quite expensive, not really because when they go on sale later on in the year they will have a retail price of around $120, which is not too bad. But head on over to the Wearhaus Beam page on Kickstarter where you could grab a set in black or white with a pledge of just $79, now that has to be a bargain by anyone’s standards.

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