Watch Dark Legacy! An Unofficial Star Wars Story!

As we know, Star Wars is not all about using the force for good, there is a dark side and it seems that there are plenty of students looking for training from a Sith master. Yet, at the same time, the Master is looking to use the dark side of the force for their own good and that means seeking only the best students. Dark Legacy takes us to a remote planet inhabited only by the Sith and a strange organism, together they learn the power of the dark side while remaining hidden from the rest of the galaxy. This is the home of the Sith, just like the Jedi they have history, traditions and a code to live by.

The setting of our story is a barren planet in a forgotten corner of the Star Wars universe. This is where the Sith Master has made his home, and it is littered with ancient artefacts from a tribe long forgotten by civilised society – most notably giant statues that seem to look down, watching the Sith Master and his generations of apprentices. The planet is home to no one but the Sith Master, his students, and one other unique organism.

This is a brilliant short story based in the Star Wars universe, but it is also a story that in the official Star Wars movies we would not see. This may be unofficial, but this is a movie worthy of being included in the Star Wars universe. Dark Legacy an Unofficial Star Wars Story stars Erin Wu, Fabien Garcia, and Dave Thomas, it is written and directed by Anthony Pietromonaco. Check out the dark side of the force for a change and only then you can choose your side! The full version of the movie can be seen at the top, it is well worth spending just twelve minutes of your time to watch it.

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