PowerPlant the power pack that we all need!

There is hardly anyone these days who does not rely on power to the battery of a device now and then it is just a way of life these days. The problem is that the more we use our devices the more battery power they use until eventually, the low battery alert happens. Sure there are portable power packs available and some are quite good, but what if you want to use a laptop or something else that requires more power? Without access to a mains power supply, you are going to be left out in the dark.

There is help on the horizon with the PowerPlant a device that is not much bigger than a smartphone but with a surprising amount of power stored inside and it comes with a built in universal plug socket and a couple of fast USB charging ports too. Simply charge it up through the mains and once charged this battery pack will provide you with an amazing amount of power for all of your devices.

Introducing PowerPlant: the world’s most versatile power/charging device ever. It’s like a generator that fits in your bag or backpack, light enough to be convenient to carry and powerful enough to charge loads of device with its 95 Watts (max) power output. PowerPlant can be charged with any plug from the US/UK/EU and Australia without the need for any adapters.

Unlike many portable battery packs available the PowerPlant will allow you to run electrical devices that do not have batteries, such as a TV, in the team behind this device say that the PowerPlant powered a 50″ TV for six hours, how cool is that? This is ideal for anyone who likes to go off grid, but still likes the convenience of plug in power now and then.

They are expecting to get this on sale this November with a retail price of around $200, which is not too bad for something this, but they are also crowdfunding on Indiegogo at the moment and for just $150 you get be getting one of the first PowerPlant devices to be made. Going off grid has never been easier!

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