Family Guy Season 16 Updates: Mayor West, “Kingsman” Tribute, and 300th Episode Revealed

Loyal fans are quick to despair when a season ends, and Family Guy viewers are among the most dedicated out there. It is a good thing then that summer has been full with news and updates about the show’s 16th season that is currently set to premiere on October 1st this fall.

Updates about Season 16 Revealed at Comic Con

After last season’s double finale, which saw Peter (and Lois) receive news of the existence of numerous children he birthed via sperm donation and Chris try and rise up to the challenge of being a stepdad, it is hard to comprehend how many more shenanigans there are left for the family to engage with. Yet the team behind the hit sitcom seem as keen and full of ideas as ever as they revealed hints for the upcoming season at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. A new first-look trailer unveiled a scene that pays homage to the famous Kingsman: The Secret Service church slaughter sequence, in what has been dubbed the show’s “most brutal scene” to date.

Family Guy Season 16 Updates: Mayor West, "Kingsman" Tribute, and 300th Episode Revealed

Source: Family Guy UK via Facebook

The panel also let delighted fans know that Ryan Reynolds will return this season, making his third appearance on the show, while Niecy Nash and Bryan Cranston will take over for the late Carrie Fisher and voice Peter’s bosses from now on. Cameos last season included Sean Penn, Flea, and NBA’s Stephen Curry, so this year is bound to include some of the best, too. It also seems that the writers have something special planned for the 300th episode: a Stewie/Brian road trip that will also pay tribute to the Fast and Furious film series. What more could fans wish for?

Adam West and Carrie Fisher Will Be Included in Upcoming Season

Yet there are also changes in store that seasoned fans must come to terms with. Family Guy is widely notorious for having a loyal and fierce fan base – after all, it was its cult following that forced Fox to bring the show back after cancellation in 2002. Unsurprisingly then, the Family Guy appeal has spilled over beyond the TV show: books, live performances and gaming being just a few of the areas that have produced relevant merchandise – including the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff video game and the Family Guy-themed slots by Rizk, a newly established online casino rated as one of the best in the UK for its bonuses and variety of new games. US fans could also take a bus tour of “Quahog” in Rhode Island across various places that have inspired the show’s creator, Seth McFarlane – including the real Drunken Clam.

Family Guy Season 16 Updates: Mayor West, "Kingsman" Tribute, and 300th Episode Revealed

Source: Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff via Facebook

So diehard fans were undoubtedly saddened when former Batman actor Adam West passed away last June, leaving one of favourite characters on the show, his namesake Mayor Adam West, without a voice. Yet producers have confirmed that the 16th season will still feature a little bit of Mayor West, as a tribute to the late actor, since he managed to record around five episodes of the upcoming series in advance. The same holds true for Carrie Fisher, who voiced Peter’s supervisor and also passed away last December; Fisher will be included in two episodes of the upcoming season before Peter’s new bosses come in.

The show’s writers are still unsure about how to deal with Mayor West in general, but they still have a little time to figure that out – all in all, season 16 promises to be as exciting and provocative as ever.