World’s First Fidget Spinner Phone

The basis of a great idea is coming up with something that is very popular and something that people need, so coming up with a phone built into a fidget spinner sounds like it might be very popular indeed. This is the Chilli, a two-pronged fidget spinner that comes with its own phone. The Chilli has a small screen, built-in speaker, 32 mb of RAM, 32 mb of ROM, a memory of up to 8 GB and will take a single card.

Single Sim Keypad Phone • Stand By With D20 Speaker
Chipset-RAM 32 MB + ROM 32 MB • 280 mAh Battery
(128 x 96) Big Display • Also Sound Recorder Video Player Image viewer
External Memory Slot • Memory Support UP to 8GB
IN Box 1Brand New Handset, USB Cable, User Guide

The device measures up at around 11.1 cm x 6.2 cm x 3.1 cm and weighs in at just 109 grams. It comes in gold, black, red and blue. Before you rush out a grab one of these cool Chilli fidget phones, you will be pleased to know that it will only set you back around £20, the bad news is we can only find it on sale in India, which is a bit of bad news.

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